Monday, 2 February 2015

Big E Show - What did I get?

As one can see I might have gone overboard with kits this time while at Springfield. Two kits from Mount Blue, two from BarMills, a Creative Laser Design section house, F&C NH boxcar Tichy handcars, billboard and roof door opening from RailroadKITS, BEST cedar shake wooden siding and lastly an O scale gas station from FOS scale models.
Now that I am home and most of my Springfield stuff has been sorted out I better get going at the workbench. The photo above tells the story. I did purchase a few more details from Tichy and much needed canopy cement. It has been almost two weeks since anything has got done downstairs....George Dutka

I purchased the 16 Elm St. home which is a real home up in Maine (actually the old family home which now is the summer home of the kit manufacturer I was told). I thought it would make a better looking farm house in my foreground scene than the Sylvan Victorian model I have been using. The kit in this photo is the display model from Mount Blue Modeling Co.
This is the display model of the Mount Blue Modeling Co. general store I purchased for my Fairlee town scene which is at the diamond.

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