Sunday, 22 February 2015

Ex-Lyndonville Frt. House - Prototype

I followed the line south from Newport to WRJ back on May 13, 1994 stopping at a good number of the station locations. The frt. house in Lyndonville was in really good shape.
After viewing the model, here we have a few views of what the prototype looked like when I stopped by Lyndonville back in 1994. I have also included a view by Gary Pembleton from his last visit not that long ago...enjoy...George Dutka

Gary took this photo of the frt. house on his last visit not that long ago.
ROW view May 13, 1994. Note the black and white station sign which still remained back then. Most of the platform is removed.
From this view I copied the ice cream sign and used it on Gary's model. May 13 1994. If one looks closely you can see the stone foundation it rests on.
Gary took a photo of what one might enjoy if they visited the frt. house these days.
A last look down the main line at the Lyndonville frt. house, 1994.

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