Friday, 6 February 2015

CNR Woodchip Cars - Prototype Views

If you plan to model one of these car don't add any F453 notes painted or stenciled on your CNR rolling stock. This code was added to cars destined for the scrap yard. Peter ran across a modeler that modeled the lettering exactly as found on a photo including F453. He probably was sad to learn his car loading system was out of whack with a car that was basically out of service. Aug 18 1989, London, Ont. Peter Mumby photo

On Monday Peter brought over his collection of 40' CNR woodchip cars photos. We sorted through them and decided to show you a few variations to the basic woodchip car. Last Friday we took a look at our model versions now here are the prototype cars...George Dutka

This braced door opening has had an additional steel hinged panel added to the upper right side. Aug 30 1989, London, Ont. Peter Mumby photo.
Most of the clean out doors are found to the right of the doors, but on this car it is to the left. Feb 5 1989, London, Ont. Peter Mumby photo
The door was removed and a sheet metal panel was bolted on this car. Most are just welded on. March 15 1988, London, Ont. Peter Mumby photo.
This car is found in London, Ont. ready for scrapping on March 15 1988. London, Ont. Peter Mumby photo.
This end shots views the absences of a lower rung on the end ladder. These appeared to have been removed on the cars when rebuilt to woodchip service. Oct 1988 London, Ont. George Dutka photo
This car appears to be freshly painted at the time the photo was taken although it is destined for scrap. Note there is no trap clean out door on this side. Each car only had one per car. Peter Mumby collection.
Note the variation of the door. On this car only a part door is used with a sheet metal panel underneath. I am thinking it was originally converted with a steel panel, then as the paneling fell apart an old door was welded over top. Peter Mumby collection.


  1. George, once again you've posted information that hold my interest. That CN #857227, is the door made of wood or steel. I am presently doing a string of BAR wood chip cars. In the book Northern New England color guide, page 24 has a photo of a BAR wood chip car with a wood door braced with steel. George Melvin provided me with some unpublished photos of the green cars. After I started researching these cars I didn't realize how many variations were on these cars as are on the CN cars. Also thanks for that information on Mount Blue Modeling Co. will be using one of their structures for one of my scenes. JOHN

  2. Hi John the door is wood on that particular car except for the steel panel in the right top corner which is a steel add on...not sure why...I am almost finished the general will be coming shortly...George Dutka