Sunday, 8 February 2015

CPR Woodchip Cars - Models

Peter Mumby's fleet of CPR woodchip cars make an appearance on the White River Division earlier this week.
This is the last of the woodchip posts...I hope to get back to my layout and current modeling projects. I may do an update post early next week if all goes as planned. These three CPR woodchip cars are from Peter Mumby's collection. None are built by Peter. They are though built by a gentleman who attends our local train shows  here in Southwestern Ontario. He is a CPR modeler who does a great job at it. Peter and I thought we should touch on the other big Canadian railroad that ran woodchip cars. So the WRD had an appearance of Peter's CPR fleet. At some point I my take a look at the New England railroads that offered their own versions of these cars....George Dutka

One of the CPR woodchip cars is a 40' version with a full load. We both really liked the looks of a string of these cars loaded and is something we are considering in future car construction.
A CPR 50' woodchip version that has a really weathered look.
This particular car has one door open with a wooden board insert added on one side. The builder must have used a prototype photo to come up with this look. The paint patch adds some additional character to the car.

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