Saturday, 7 February 2015

CNR Wood Chip Car - Maple Leaf Version

Days away from the torch this maple leaf car is found in London, CNR reclamation yard March 1989. George Dutka photo.
Here are the only two views Peter and I have of the CNR woodchip cars prior to the noodle. When we built our models we wondered if any had Maple Leaf logos on them or if they survived. To my surprise while pulling out of London yard on a freight I caught a view of this version in the reclamation yard ready to be cut up. I was lucky to make it back from my run to Toronto before it was cut up. Peter found a second maple leaf car later on in London yard...George Dutka

A second maple leaf car showed up on Jan 15, 1990 Peter Mumby photo

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  1. Great photos in this and the last post. It seems like photos of these cars are almost impossible to find anywhere else.