Friday, 13 February 2015

N Scale Rolling Stock

I have given the outside brace car a dusting of Bragdon powders. Next up is the roundtop boxcar which is still shiny.
I needed a couple of pieces of N scale rolling stock when I finished the Lyndonville diorama as props. Our local hobby shop had some second hand pieces at a really good price and best of all for the era I wanted. When I got the boxcars home they looked too shiny and new for the weathered scene I had built. I pulled out my powders and gave them a go. To my surprise using a tiny brush they really dulled down nicely...George Dutka

The B&O car is a FOX Models while the outside braced car is a newer Atlas offering. They sure look better now.
I added a bit of  grimy gray to Peter's scale test car which I played around with also. The Bragdon powders dark rust seen in the photo was one of the main colours used on the boxcars.

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