Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Barn - Plywood Siding

A barn that is worthy of a model. It has a nicely weathered plywood siding that one could emulate in miniature.
A barn near our home and at the entrance to a newer plaza I have wanted to take a photo of for some time now. Well I finally got the shot. I see this barn every time I leave the plaza. The thing that I find interesting about it is the weathered plywood siding applied years ago. Only one side of the barn still has the original siding. This is something I have seen on occasion while traveling the back-roads of Ontario. Could be a nice touch to model...George Dutka

A stone base covered in cement shows some of its heritage. With all that is being built up around this area I am thinking this barn does not have much of a future.
The original siding is seen on the south side. To get this neglected effect note the bits of red still found under the eves.