Sunday, 7 February 2016

FL-9's in Vermont?

If you follow the B&M Yahoo postings you might have caught the following comment regarding NH FL-9's at WRJ in the 1960' photo evidence that I know of but interesting to hear about...could  that mean I might need to purchase a Rapido NH FL-9 now. Talking to Don...he is holding off...George Dutka

Conn. River Line
Comments by Vic
"Am now looking over the Rice collection of his trips (trip logs) on
trains 20-21 The Montrealer and The Washingtonian. Having rode many of
these trips, about half with him, it's nostalgic to look back. I have
no idea how many times I've looked at these pp before w/o noticing what
I'm seeing tonight, an anomaly for sure if his log is correct:

A nwd trip on No 21 on 12-10-63 with just a single unit NH 2046, which
would have been an FL-9 apparently running thru from NHV to WRJ! (I
would not have been on this trip; didn't start really riding these
trains until 1965, when I was 12 yo; southward on 20 on the head-end
usually.) Suggests a big pwr shortage on the NH and B&M that night;
but, interestingly too, no record of this engs' return... could it have
gone back S on the New Hampshire District heaven forbid? His log page
for the 10th does show NH 168 was 37" late into SPG, lost 10" more
there, leaving 47" late and unable to make up much time enroute.
Another 4" delay at Putney most of which they did make up arr'g WRJ 48"

This raises the question how often did NH or CV pwr fill on for missing
or B/O B&M pwr on the Conn River? I doubt the CV would have allowed one
of their engs to go....VRP"


  1. I railfanned WRJ pretty frequently from September 1965 to the end of the Washingtonian-Montrealer trains in 1966. I never saw any variation in B&M F7 A-B combo swapped out for CV GPs in WRJ and vice versa. Photo and film evidence shows the same. The FL9 might have been some kind of test -- during this period, the NH ran a GG1 from NYP to NHV, for instance.

    1. Hi John:
      Thanks for your insight...George