Sunday, 14 February 2016

WRD - Engine House

With lots of details and figures added Westboro sure looks like a busy place.
As mentioned in past posts I acquired Don Janes B&M engine house about a year and a half ago. I finally got it into service. It reflects the appearance of one found in North Conway. It clearly is not anything like what stands in Westboro but with less than two feet of room it works really well to end my B&M scene. The engine house roof had some stains and the doors were off. I decided to dig out my weathering powders and add some extra character to Don's great model...George Dutka

The roofing got a good dose of Bragdon soot to hid some of the sins that have occurred through the use on Don's layout and in a few years of storage.
A comparison photo with the two doors at the end are as removed from the engine house The two middle doors have started to be weathered a bit with dark rust powders and some rust on the hinges. There still is some work to be done will be a bit of soot (black) applied before being rehung.

Don built this whole structure from styrene. It is nicely painted but I wanted to reflect the look of the rest of my B&M structures. The bottom section gets a dusting of  Bragdon dark rust. The top walls is dusted with dust bowl brown. The nail holes are highlighted with some soot powders.

These walls are now done.

The rear of the engine house has a lot of old junk piled up along the wall.

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