Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bellows Falls Yard

The string of cars are over the diamond crossing using the Rutland Ry. trackage. I am taking this photo from near the location of the tunnel.
I have been using a lot of my modeling time on the 12 foot long Bellows Falls Yard. Bellows Falls will reflect to some degree the  Rutland Ry. yard area. There will be minimal structures in this yard as my main focus for BF has to be the trackage as I need arrival and departure tracks.  I will be including the tunnel portal, B&M frt. house, Robertson Paper and the station platform and canopy. I don't have room for the station or roundhouse which at one point I was trying to squeeze in. The platform will be along the edge of the layout making photos taken along this location looking like you are in or next to the station....may have to build a window jig for through photos. I may add the water tank and coal tower and small shanties as I process the scene...George Dutka

Planning in early January began with the diamonds laid out. Hot glue is used to hold down the cork roadbed. Some is already attached.

Some roadbed is done while I figure out the final location for the B&M frt. house. One can see the Robertson Paper Co. structure resting at a foreground location. It is a large structure requiring a good amount of real estate which is not available inside my yard area.

The cork roadbed is all in place. Once it was filed smooth I gave it a light coating of flat black.

I am working at adding the flex track. I have a string of cars to test the bends to make sure all is well. A trio of passenger cars also make the rounds. As mentioned before all those part built structures in the rear I picked up for 50 cents each at a local train show. All part of one guys estate (there actually were two estates that day being blown away)...take a guess what our stuff will be selling for when we go...hard to swallow.

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