Thursday, 11 February 2016

London CN Stock Pens

Throwback Thursday: CN London Stock Pens
Photo and Commentary by Peter Mumby

When I first started reading Model Railroader magazine in the 1960s, it seemed that most layouts included a stock pen and a handful of Athearn cattle cars.  At that time many prototype railroads were still in the business of hauling cattle, and regulations requiring that the animals be periodically watered and exercised led to the provision of pens in yards and along main lines and branch lines alike.

London yard was no exception to this rule;  it's stock pens were located at the west end of the yard just to the north of Pine St.  A CN scale house was situated slightly to the east.  By the time of this photo (April 30, 1993) the pens had been inactive for many years and the local crew was in the process of dismantling another relic of railroading's past.

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