Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tom's Model Railroad Scrapbook

Tom's micro layout is a one industry town.
Here is a blog I thought one should check out. Tom Conboy's blog Tom's Model Railroad Scrapbook has an interesting mini layout featured which he just finished, the Wetterau Food Services Micro Layout. It is a one industry switching layout. The staging is past the bridge in a hidden area. There are three tracks with a set of crossovers. No room for building flats so Tom just painted his backdrop with local home and so below...George Dutka

Tom's Model Railroad Scrapbook

The mid layout crossovers. The only industry is seen at the rear.
No room for structures so Tom just painted them on the backdrop. The staging is hidden behind the road bridge.


  1. George,

    Thanks for sharing my layout photos and a link back to my blog!

    A little additional information about the Wetterau Food Services Micro Layout. The warehouse structure is actually a building flat made from foam core board laminated with cardstock brick and window sheets (Clever Models Texture CD). The building flat is about 3/4 of an inch thick. The other structures are painted.

    The second track also serves an off-line industry (a glass container manufacturing plant) with covered hoppers spotted below the underpass. Six freight car spots are available for spotting cars. Three at the grocery warehouse and three for the glass plant.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Tom Conboy

    1. Thanks Tom for the additional information...interesting to hear about a second industry...George