Monday, 1 February 2016

New Equipment - MEC Stock Car & Milwaukee Ribbed Box

My two new additions are in service on the WRD.
The Woodstock train show in early January was good to me as I found a couple more pieces of rolling stock for the WRD. The Milwaukee ribbed boxcar is one I have been looking for and I got one used at a great price. Scooped that one up before Don Janes got his hands on it. Don came away with some goodies also. Later in the week I will update you on my layout progress as I have got a lot done in January...George Dutka

The ribbed boxcar is an Exact model while the cattle car is a stock Accurail kit. The MEC car is built by Mark MacCauley and weathered by his brother Peter MacCauley.

I added a light coat of Bragdon dark rust and light steaks of PanPastel white on the lettering. A really nice car right out of the box but with too much shine for the WRD.

MEC did have some cattle cars but I have never seen a photo of one...meaning I don't know if this car is correct. I have seen a similar looking car used in pulpwood service. If you know more about this style of car please let me know. The car got some additional weathering although it came well weatheredl to begin with. I added some Bragdon powders and Panpastels.

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