Thursday, 4 February 2016

London CN Roundhouse

Throwback Thursday: CN London Roundhouse
Photo and Commentary by Peter Mumby

This photo was taken on the morning of January 12, 1992.  Earlier that morning the building was consumed by fire; London fire crews were still on site keeping an eye on the situation.  Apparently the London fire equipment was going through a "yellow" phase; today's units wear the more familiar red paint.

At this time the roundhouse contained six stalls; during the steam era it covered almost a full circle with the entrance track on the west side.  A few years earlier it housed the F units and GP9s used in local service; that night it housed only a few folks sleeping rough who may or may not have ultimately been responsible for the conflagration.  The turntable was to the north of the structure, just to the right of the locomotives in the picture.  Behind the CN 4129 can be seen the engine facility's sand tower.  It was fed from a retired boxcar which was supported on an elevated foundation.  To the right of the photo, Rectory St. ran north across CN's Dundas Subdivision at a point just west of London Junction (MP 76.7).  The entire servicing area was referred to by crews as "Rectory St."  The track in the foreground at this time ran to a relatively new weigh scale and Cargo-Flo facility situated close to Adelaide St.

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