Saturday, 8 October 2016

B&M Greenland, NH Station

The Greenland NH station as it looks on Sept. 6 2016
On our drive through NH catching what we could see we came across the B&M Greenland, NH station. It was one stop prior to visiting the Greenland Valley Ry. which is at the corner or next door. This is a small structure that at some point had an addition added. Currently used as a garage one would think the  current owner did the add-on under the eaves. But photo evidence shows the railroad actually did the addition at some point. The width of the original building is quite narrow. One would guess more room was needed...George Dutka

A roadside view.

The rear wall which has two garage doors. Most of the interior is gutted and looks much like anyone`s garage.
This view was taken from the roadway. One can figure out were the rear wall once ended making this a really narrow building.
Dan Raymond brought this photo to the NNGC to show me how Greenland looked years ago while in use by the B&M. One can see the age of the cars and the addition to the station's rear.

This sign hangs in Dave Kotsonis layout room of the Greenland Valley Ry.

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