Saturday, 15 October 2016

Central Vermont Milk Car - Kitbashing

A CV milk car converted from an Athearn express reefer with new siding and detail parts.
One of the cars Bruce Douglas gave me this spring for the WRD is his beautiful looking CV milk car. Bruce built this car years before any of the milk car kits were ever offered using an Athearn express reefer as a beginning. The trucks, under frame and roof being the main components used from the Athearn kit. The siding and details came from his modeling stockpile.

Back in the 1980's Bruce showed me this neat looking milk car that he had recently finished. I was really surprised how well it turned out and reflected the prototype. I asked Bruce for more information regarding this car. He mailed me the Athearn exploded drawings with the changes he made. I then purchased a few express reefers for my own conversions. I still have the plans and the reefers which never got built. By the time I got around to it Steam Shack came out with the exact copy of the milk cars. Since then Roundhouse have a milk car out that can be easily converted to a CV milk car. Now having Bruce's milk car has me motivated once again to try my hand with these cars set aside almost 30 years ago....stay tuned...George Dutka

Bruce's notes for how the sill was made.
The Athearn's exploded drawings for the reefer with Bruce's notes.

A look at the end and door details.
CV milk car in Bellows Falls on the WRD.

The CV kit-bash fits in  nicely with a F&C and Roundhouse milk car.
In service on the White River Division.

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