Friday, 14 October 2016

Osgood-Bradley Building - Worcester, Ma.

Osgood-Bradley building in Worcester, Ma. The station is behind the building.
While visiting the station area in Worcester, Ma. Don noted Osgood-Bradley engraved on a building on the other side of tracks from the station. It then dawned on us that Worcester was the home of the car builder. The Osgood Bradley Car Company began business in 1822 manufacturing stagecoaches and sleighs. The company's first passenger cars were built in 1835. It was sold to the Pullman Company in 1930. This eight floor building built in 1914 is currently being converted to student housing....George Dutka

Main entrance is all cleaned up, Sept 11 2016.

On Sept. 11, 2016 Don and I walked back to the station from the state parking garage when Don noted the building sign. The station and Osgood-Bradley building are separated by this raised main line.
Many more views can be found on the Osgood-Bradley Building Facebook page. Station is to the right of the photo.

A view from the past looking out the building's window.
Some vintage pieces from the old days.

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