Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pan Pastels

Here are the two coal colour PanPastels I purchase. An eraser Stoney Creek showed me could be used after adding PanPastels to wood. One can take some colour off giving a neat weathered look...I had to pick one of these up to experiment with.
At this years NNGC I stopped by a booth that had a really good display of PanPastel's including some of the newer colours available. Stoney Creek Designs had some really neat colours on display. I picked up the course and fine coal and three other colours I though would work well on my models. Below are some notes from Stoney Creek Designs...George Dutka 

A NEW SET - Locomotive & Rolling Stock. 7 specially selected colors for weathering your locos and rolling stock. Six of the colors are taken from the standard set BUT the seventh is "COAL_FINE". Huh? Yes Coal! This stuff is remarkable. When brushed onto a plastic coal load or actual coal, it looks more like coal than coal.

NEW SET #2 - These are "Specialty Colors. Colors such Gold (2 shades) Coal (2 variety) Silver (2 shades) and Blended. Blender? I was going to say think of this as thinner for PanPastels but it doesn't dilute the color at all. Aids in spreading the color without loosing intensity.

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