Monday, 31 October 2016

Year Six Begins

White River Junction has been transformed back to the 1950's for the winter season.
Today is the beginning of year six for the White River Division blog. At present there are 1250 posts which you can referenced through the search feature on the sidebar. Although most of the layout is finished, I have a lot to do this winter with the layout and will be posting the progress. I have only touched on the trips I did this years so more layout visits and modelers tips I picked up along the way will be passed along over the winter.

 I have been posting Gord Taylor's photos regularly. This is a modelers blog so I try not to overdo it with the proto photo's. I have scanned about 100 slides this summer that you will see at some point. Peter is still sorting out the best from the 1,000's he got back in the spring. Gord's estate just dropped off at Peter's another group of slides which is as large as the first load. He also received boxes and boxes of prints and negatives...I know what Peter will be doing for most of the winter. We will be posting the more interesting views...stay tuned and thanks for following along with my ramblings...George Dutka

The yard at WRJ is looking like a trains needs to be made up soon. Some of my power is out but the road units still need to be hauled out for the season. As with most of us, I have way too many engines. I need to pick which ones will see daylight this operating season.
The yard in Bellows Falls is filling up once again this fall. I still need some backdrop structures that I hope will be built this winter.

I built this creamery back in the 1980's for my Randolph yard which was featured in the early 1990's RMC. It was a stand-in for a number of years on the WRD. I have a mill to build for it's location. The mill is still in the box so I decided to spend an afternoon and weather up the structure and continue using it as a filler...more on this structure shortly.

Bruce Douglas passed along this creamery photo, an early era at Hardwick Vt., 1940. Many more historical photos to follow.


  1. Congratulations on 6 years! I love reading your blog and seeing both your layout and the others you feature.

    1. Thanks Steve...more to come...George