Saturday, 29 October 2016

Snapshot - October 2016

A group of CN cabooses are seen at the walkway to the St. Albans, Vt. yard office on June 12, 1992.
This months Snapshot feature is a group of  three CN cabooses I viewed on a visit to St. Albans, Vermont a couple of decades ago. These yellow cupola vans are used in international service running from Montreal to St. Albans and return. I don't recall seeing any of these south of there but I am sure they did run through at times. I do recall seeing the standard CN cabooses south of town...maybe someone out there can fill us in regarding CN vans south of St. A...George Dutka

Another CN van at St. Albans, Vermont on June 12 1992.

Not sure why there was three CN caboose in town that day. Two are together looking like they maybe heading NB in the near future on a train. The third was on an outside track part way down the yard. This caboose is second from the rear on June 12, 1992.

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