Thursday, 13 October 2016

Station - Worcester, Ma.

I took this photo from the top floor of a parking garage across the tracks from the Worcester station on Sept. 11, 2016.
On our way home Don and I stopped by Worcester, Ma. to check out a station that we found to be very impressive. The station built in 1911 was once used by the B&A, B&M and NH. Today commuters to Boston are the main stay but Amtrak does make stops throughout the day also. I believe there is a N scale kit available for this structure...George Dutka

The railroads that once used the station are engraved into the front facade.
A commuter train arrives at Worcester mid afternoon. It will be here for a short time while the engineman changes ends. The CSX container yard is seen in the background. It was Sunday and not a lot happening.

In behind the station and across from the container yard is the holding track for layover trains. Being Sunday they are all here. I took this view through the wire fence from the platform. The station has a really long platform giving us access to both the CSX and holding tracks.

I have seen many shots taken from this side of the station. The photos all seem to be from up a bit as ground views are not all that great. I took a look into another parking garage located in site of most of the action one may find on the P&W side of the station. I am on the second floor. I may just park my car here the next time I am in town.

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