Thursday, 6 October 2016

Fall 2016 Update

This CN car is a Life Like model that was part of a group Peter and I did back in the 1990's. For some reason this one took till this summer to get lettered. More on this small fleet Peter and I built this winter.
Well it is fall once again and my modeling season will be starting up shortly (although with the hot and humid weather in July I did spend some afternoons downstairs). The boat came out yesterday and as soon as a few other outdoor chores are completed I will be heading down to the basement to get the rails shiny and trains running once again. I am guessing it will be Nov. 1st but you never know.

I actually spent some of my free time this summer cleaning up projects that I have had hanging around for years. Some I have posted about already while others have yet to appear in this blog.

I have a lot of material to cover this winter including more on my two trips to New England this year and a load of prototype photos I have scanned or purchased while away...George Dutka

This car was painted two years ago. A Kadee car, one of two Peter and I did. The lettering is now done...note the CN car waiting in the background.

I had a second Inter Mountain PS-1 that needed to assembled. The ends are glued on and it will be modeled with the doors open. I covered this one earlier this summer.

This Atlas model I picked up at the end of the summer for a great price...guess my contemporary fleet will be full of MEC cars.

I started this F&C Reading double door car a couple of years ago. It almost got done...not sure if it will be waiting for the hot weather next summer or if I will get at it again. I have a lot to do on the layout first before working on kits once again.

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