Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Derail at Bellows Falls

The Osborn Model Kits derail installed on the freight house siding at Bellows Falls, Vermont. A post comes with each derail.
With some inspiration from Don's modeling I purchased a package of Osborn Model Kits derails which comes as a package of four including the posts. They are really simple to assemble and with a dab of yellow paint they are ready to install....George Dutka

 Four posts and four derails are included. They are very simple to complete and install. I find they look best in the on position so that is how I modeled mine. To get a car out of the siding I just lift the derail off and set it aside till the switching is done. It kind of makes you work the same as a train crew would...taking it off and putting it back on. The only difference is I take it right off the layout as it is not operational.

Another look at the kit. A real good buy for a four package.

Another look at the derail...I think it looks good and adds to operations.

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