Thursday, 3 November 2016

CN International Service Cabooses - In Ontario

In the yard at Hamilton, Ont. Aug 7, 1994.
The last post for now regarding the CN international caboose is a group of photos I took around my area. Some of the photos were taken while I was at work. On occasion I did take a camera to work...guess I should have done it more often now that I look back. Peter Mumby passes along a few facts he found regarding the yellow cupola CN cabooses...George Dutka

" According to the 1986 Trackside Guide, these cabooses were built 1970-74 as 79xxx cars, and modified for international service in 1982-83. Some of your photos 78102 (ex-79447), 78107(79367), 78122(79474), and 78126(79554).  Higher numbers must have come at a later date. They were not listed in this particular Guide."

CN 78134, international service caboose is seen at the (top end) of the yard in London, Ont., track CL11 the shop track. I am sure I took this photo off the yard engine I was working on June 10, 1992.

Christmas eve, 1989 I was working the day yard. This probably was the Toronto-Flat Rock train that would have come into London, Ont and tied up till after Christmas.

Dec 24, 1989, London, Ont.

Oct. 1987 London, Ont.
CN train 381, Goreway, Ontario, March 8, 1991. I would have been the conductor on this train that day. We are probably stopped for a meet with a train passing Malport.


  1. Broken Knuckle Video has DVDs showing these vans very common on the CV and GT in the 1980s and 90s.

  2. Thanks John for the input. I will have to check that out...George