Friday, 11 November 2016

Tank Cars - HOMES

A trio of tank car that are now added to the WRJ fleet.
Last Saturday while at Burlington Jct. hobbies I picked up three tank cars. I believe the cars are from the HOMES layout. The cars are all built and weathered. Some details were missing or broken that I fixed when I got home. Earlier this week I got my airbrush and powders out...this is how they look now...George Dutka

Union Oil is a smaller capacity Proto 2000 tank car. I added a bit of Bragdon powder followed by a light coat of Floquil grimy black.

A Proto 2000 Imperial Oil tank car (a larger capacity than the car above) is from an earlier era and a nice looking model that needed some missing portions of handrail added around the tank. One hose bag was also missing. A light over-spray is applied of grimy black and some Bragdon powders.
Homgas was a popular propane car seen through New England back in the 1950's. I already have four of these Atlas models but this one looked too good to turn down.

I airbrushed some grimy black down the center of the car and around the dome. I added a rust streaks down the weld seams and a bit around the trucks, stirrups and grabs.

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