Thursday, 10 November 2016

Helpful Modeling Tips

Ron Tuff's tree making process is seen from beginning (on left) to end.
During our layout tour visit to Ron Tuff's he had a nice little display to show us how he makes trees. None are store bought, so this is a big job coming up with a British Columbia forest. Ron's system is nothing new. One needs a drill, wire and fibers. Once they are formed as seen to the left he trims them to a narrow size which is more prototypical than many of the retail Christmas styles trees. Once he has the shape he wants the tree is spray-painted black from the bottom to give it the shadowed look on the underside, then flipped upright and painted green. The trees then get a sprinkle of sawdust dyed green. This Ron repeats hundred's of times....George Dutka

One can see once Ron has a handful finished how good they really look.  Did I mention his mainline covers a 13' by 43' area on two levels with a good percentage of this being forest...a lot of trees still to be built one would think.

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