Thursday, 10 November 2016

Ron Tuff's - British Columbia Railway

Two RDC's hold down the passenger work on Ron's layout.
During the HOME's Hamilton area layout tour Don and I visited Ron Tuff's BC double deck layout. It is in a 13' by 43 area that is about 60% scenic. The track work is hand-laid code 70 and 83 operated with wireless Digitrax DCC. His ballasting work is very good and realistic. He found a source of fine stone that is mixed with a few other materials. Much of the rolling stock is kit-bashed, scratch-built or kit-built. All has some weathering. Ron was the editor of the BCR historical society newsletter which gave him a good source of prototype all looks as it should. A real treat for us to see with thoughts if I ever change location BC might be a good option...George Dutka

As one enters the layout room this is scene one views. A train curving around on a trestle which connects the two separate layout areas. Don Janes photo.

Many of Ron's great looking trees set behind a covered water tank scene. Don Janes photo.

A look into one of the yards on the lower level.
Don uses a stool to get a good look at the second level. This portion has a lot of rock cuts cutting down on the amount of trees that will have to be made.

All the rolling stock is modeled using prototype views as guides.

Ron kit-bashed this Athearn caboose to come up with a good representation of the PGE prototype.

These log cars a kit-bashed to follow the prototype from brass models.

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