Friday, 6 April 2018

N Scale Architect - NH Roundhouse

The finished roundhouse painted in B&M colours.
I finished Gary Pembleton's N Scale Architect roundhouse a few months ago. Early coverage can be found in What's in the Box - No. 29 (Feb. 18 2018). The doors are the first thing assembled which took a bit of work to get them cut out as the wood is very hard. The wall sections are all warped needing bracing. I am not sure if all the roundhouses would be like this or I got the lemon. The floor plans really help layout the walls and inside supports...the photos tell the story...George Dutka

The floor sections are glued together then painted acrylic gray. One can see the wall bracing added.
The wall sections are glued together and supported till they dry.
Hunterline Cordovan Brown was painted onto all the walls inside and out.
Dollar store paints are used on the trim and walls. The walls are warm white and trim cinnamon brown.
Once the walls are dry I added Bragdon dust bowl brown to the cream walls and Bragdon old tuscan with a hint of antique iron to the lower areas, doors and windows.
Two sections of the roof are attached and stacks are in the works. The other two roof sections will be painted and weathered but not attached as Gary will need to be able to run tracks into the roundhouse.
The rear area is finished with some additional weathering applied.
The finished model.

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