Monday, 16 April 2018

Prototype Corner - A Bilingual Boxcar

TBOX 639002 poses for its portrait at Paris Junction on April 07, 2018.
By Peter Mumby
Those of us who are fans of Canada's two largest railways are quite accustomed to bilingual (English/French) markings and instructions on cars and locomotives.  However, TBOX 639002, spotted at CN Paris Jct on April 07, 2018, took me a bit by surprise.  Perhaps I just hadn't noticed this on other cars, but the instructions on the door are bilingual - English and Spanish.  I guess I will have to start paying more attention to the passing parade to see just how generalized this trend has become.

Is this the shape of things to come as we approach a conclusion to the current Trump-era NAFTA negotiations?

How is your Spanish?  Fortunately, there is an English translation available, in case you have missed your last couple of tutorials.

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