Saturday, 28 April 2018

Weathering the Fleet

A load of refrigerators is heading into New England aboard a Cotton Belt 40' high cube mini-boxcar. This is an Athearn model that received some PanPastels at the WOD workshop and a light over-spray of boxcar red once back at home. This trio of boxcars are only lightly weathered.
I thought I would share with you some of the other cars I weathered at the spring WOD workshop...enjoy...George Dutka

New stirrups are used with ACI labels by Walthers and lube lables by Herald King applied. I used some new products to me...MIG war weathering colour acrylics offered by the WOD followed by my PanPastels. The car is left kind of clean looking.
Before the WOD workshop.
The Walthers model received some acrylic paints and PanPastel's. I kept this car clean as I don't want a fleet of rust buckets. Most of the acrylic weathering happened on the roof and door.
Before Workshop. I still needed to add the wheels, couplers and brake wheel before heading to the WOD workshop.
This car I forgot to dulcote before the weathering workshop. Some of the acrylics did not stick well to the Athearn shell. I went a bit heavy with my powders and PanPastels to hide the sins.

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