Thursday, 26 April 2018

Throwback Thursday - That's a Wrap!

Via 6429 rests in portrait mode at the head of train #75 at Brantford, Ontario on June 02, 1998.
By Peter Mumby

Earlier in April, Rapido Trains announced another run of its successful F40PH-2 locomotive models.  Included in this run are several examples of the promotional wraps that have graced these VIA units over the years.  One of the earliest wraps (other than a short-lived Diet Pepsi scheme which debuted on unit 6400 in 1990) appeared on number 6429 in 1997.  This bright yellow Home Hardware scheme remained in place until 2002.  At this time, 6429 was re-wrapped in a promotion for Telus Communications.  The body colour was altered a few clicks along the colour wheel to a brilliant lime green.  With a few periodic tweaks to its labelling, 6429 retained this scheme until it was rebuilt to F40PH-3 (or F40PH-2D) specifications as part of the 2009-2012 fleet reconfiguration.

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