Monday, 2 April 2018

Prototype Corner - Two Bridges for the Price of One

CP 8732 west is crossing Wharncliffe Rd N in London Ontario on March 25, 2018.  On its way to Windsor, the train is traversing a temporary bridge on shoo fly trackage while a replacement bridge is under construction.
By Peter Mumby
Here is some prototype inspiration for those who just love to build bridges.  In order to widen Wharncliffe Road in the city of London, Ontario, an existing CP bridge had to be demolished and replaced.  The project involved construction of a temporary rail bridge on the south side of the original structure, and incorporating it into a shoo fly bypass.  By the time the accompanying photo was taken, the demolition had occurred and the new bridge structure had been hoisted into position.  The shoo fly trackage remained in operation, pending the completion of the rebuild.  In the photo, the new bridge is out of sight behind the passing train.  Sounds like a good modelling opportunity to me!

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