Thursday, 19 April 2018

Throwback Thursday: "Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around..."

CV 4551 demonstrates what a turntable was designed to do.  The action took place at St. Albans, Vermont in July of 1986.
By Peter Mumby.
Back in the 1980s my Dad and I got into the habit of taking an annual railfanning trip.  He liked traveling; I liked watching trains.  Thus, traveling to watch trains seemed like a great compromise.  Very civilized!  The trip of July 1986 involved a larger than normal itinerary.  The outbound route took us through Quebec and into New Brunswick, while the trek home encompassed Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  We chased a passenger train on the Gaspe peninsula, visited Gordon Yard in Moncton, rode the Salem and Hillsborough dinner train, and visited the Conway Scenic Railway.  Our last railway stop occurred in St. Albans, where permission was received to tour the locomotive shop area.  The included photo of CV 4551 following a ride on the turntable is one of my favourite souvenirs of that trip.

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