Saturday, 14 April 2018

New Section Shed for the WRD

 I now have a second Creative Laser Design section house on the layout. This one is for my 1970's era changeover.
I recently completed a 1970's version of a section shed found in Northern Vermont. Not sure if this one ever got to this run down point. I visited the prototype in the 1990's and it looked like it had been fixed up. I modeled it with the door fallen in and the roofing in poor shape. Of course most of the paint is gone also...George Dutka

The structure was given a coat of Hunterline Creosote Black followed by a coat of Floquil grime. Once dry the door got a dusting of blue chalk and the corner trim white chalk.

The walls got weathered with PanPastels and Bragdon powders. The roofing is MinuteMan scale models which was torn up a bit and weathered. The chimney if from my parts box.
The door hinges are still hanging but the door has fallen in.
The back window has no glass and is boarded up from the inside. Each window is done differently. The side window frame is laying on the ground and the frame boarded up. The roof is patched but still a lot of the wooden underlay is seen.
My 1950's and 1970's version of the same section shed.

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