Friday, 25 May 2018

A Modern Tank Car for the WRD

This car is really contemporary for my layout with the reflective strips currently used on equipment. So better get out my current era engine for this train.
Back about a month ago Don Janes stopped by with a trio of long modern style tank cars that he did not want. They came off plaques he was given by a friend. Don is using the wooden bases though and thought I might have a use for the tank car...thanks Don they look good on the layout. Not sure of the heritage but I believe they maybe Atlas or Athearn Genisis models?

I picked the one that had the least amount of damage to work on. One stirrup is added, two end railings to the tank top and some touch up black paint. I decided to apply Proto haze to weather the black down which took three coats. Once dried I painted the truck wheels a dark rust colour and PanPastel and acrylic rust some of the lower areas...George Dutka

One clean looking tank in the background is how my foreground model once looked. Three coats of haze dulled it down a lot. Now to work on the second model.

Some rust has been added to the couplers and end grabs.
I think the tank car turned our pretty good.


  1. Wow, that stuff works great. Just enough of a weathered look, with out the straight out of the box look. I'm going to get some!

    1. Hi Scott:
      I think is a really great weathering product. Have a few other ideas for its use...will post on it if they work out...George