Saturday, 12 May 2018

New England Fire Hall - Second Look

Looking down at the paper slate roofing that I coloured in various gray shades.
Here are a few more views of the finished model...enjoy...George Dutka

The mortar on the chimney and base is done using Roberts Mortar mix. One just brushes it on, wait a few minutes and wipe off the excess.
The sign is a copy of one found on Bob Bennett's fire hall published in the January 2011 RMC. The siren is painted with my new rust weathering mix of vinegar and steel wool pads inserted.
Some boards are pulled up and nail holes added. I used mainly Bragdon powders to weather the areas around the pulled up boards, upper corners of the structure and on the roof. Some streaking is applied under the windows. The windows glazing is sprayed with dulcote and paper blinds are installed.