Friday, 4 May 2018

Fading rolling stock with PanPastels

This side of the boxcar got a light coat of colourless blender to see how it fades the paint. I may go back over this side with a second coat and see how it looks.
Kip Grant passed along a tip he uses for fading rolling stock. He uses PanPastel colourless blender which is a colorless tone used to thin down PanPastel colouring when mixed together. To fade a surface one just brushes the blender on the side of car which changes the final appearance. I picked up a pod and gave it a try recently. One side of my Lamoille Valley car is just straight paint while the other is coated in blender. The blender does give a subtle faded look which is very easy to apply. A want to go really lightly with this product as heavy coating just does not look right.

So what is my thought when comparing this product with Rapido haze. I still like the looks of Proto Paint haze better. I will keep you posted as I play around with these product...George Dutka.

The PanPastel blender has been applied to the left side of the car...the fade is subtle.
This side of the car is left as-is with some acrylic rust applied.
This is the faded side of the boxcar which I think turned out pretty good.


  1. Cool (and nice subject model!). Will need to give this a try. Great to have another method for doing the basic fade work. Thanks!

    1. Your welcome Mike...I am still playing with this product too...George