Tuesday, 15 May 2018

WRD Blog Update

Don's newest Rapido engine is out for a run from the WRJ yard.
Yesterday I was in Sarnia to pickup some boat parts and stopped in on Don Janes. My visit kind of delayed a pile of dirt in his driveway being moved to the lawn and garden. I had a chance to see one of the new Rapido engines operated in his White River Junction yard. After my short visit I headed out (and before he found an extra shovel) picked up what I needed for the boat and headed home along Confederation which follows the tracks back to London. I did make a short stop at the VIA station and found an interesting sight as seen below.

With my boat going in tomorrow and staying at the lake for a few days there will be no posts till at least Sunday...see you then...George Dutka

A bit is changing in this scene. The white structure is moving in here to it's new home once a new slate roof is applied.

A GMD-1 is being used as extra power moving a cut of cars in front of the VIA station.
Two additional GMD-1's are seen on the shop track at the Lambton Diesels Specialists These three engines, 1437, 1444 and 1412 were built around 1958.

Running back through the yard light. This engine was being operated by the lead unit 7046 which is in belt pack mode.

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