Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Snapshot - May 2018

The day before the Schomberg Ontario Narrow Gauge Show (April 20, 2018) I stopped by Guelph Jct. and found 181 laying over. It was nice to get the station sign the OSR truck and the end of an engine into a view with sunlight.
Staying with the OSR theme here are a few more views...George Dutka

Looking down in the OSR shop during the WOD tour.
Following the OSR shop tour Peter and I headed to Woodstock to catch the OSR return movement, but found the OSR train just a short way out of Ingersoll. I got this spring looking view right in town. Seems the squirrels had moved the bulbs into the bushes or maybe this is just an overgrown flower bed.
Peter Mumby is across the tracks from me capturing a different angle from my shot above...note that's me in his photo behind the pole in the left of the photo...sorry for hogging your view Peter.

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