Sunday, 20 May 2018

B&M Faded

A B&M comparison.
I used my Proto haze paint the other day to fade one of my two B&M RS-3's. Here is what it looks like with 3 coats of haze...George Dutka

On a run along the WRD. The weathered unit will stay out for my summer contemporary era. It may get a bit of Acrylic rust over the summer.


  1. That looks awesome! Do you have any articles on purchasing or detailing these B&M rs3s? I have an older Atlas classic run of 1545, and an older yellow box run of 1544 (both incorrect maroon and gold according to prototype photos), and I'm not sure whether to try and make it work, strip and repaint, or sell and buy newer Atlas models.

  2. My B&M models are both Bachmann offerings from a few years ago. They are also close but not exact. I did add a few details to them and maybe I should do a post on what was added. I also have an Atlas model that I painted and lettered a few decades ago. Maybe some fade paint and a few details will help with your units. George