Saturday, 26 May 2018

Utility Barges Completed - FOS Scale Models

Some rust stains are applied to the sides using acrylic paints and Bragdon powders.
I finished the two barges recently that will be used in my waterfront scene. They actually are very easy to build. The detailing actually took more work than the barge construction. Colouring this type of model is new to me also, but I like how it all turned out...George Dutka

The deck is Hunterline stain with powders and PanPastels applied. The sides are brush painted gray with some green grunge applied.
Some lumber is added to the second barge for repair work. Note the seagulls along for the ride. Thread is used for the dock lines.
A overhead view of the details added to my barges. The barrels, skids, wrenches and metal gears are include in the kit. I rusted them up with acrylic paints.


  1. Those look really, really nice George!


    1. Hi Jim...thanks, I am happy with how they turned out...George