Friday, 22 June 2018

Air Slide Models - Part 3

My trio of air slide hoppers are seen on the WRD.
Many of the air slides in Canada was used in shipping sugar. One, the Redpath hopper had a custom decal made for it years ago. It is a hard decal to apply as the captions will tell you. For the second side I just made a billboard from a colour photocopy of the logo and attached. I think this looks way better. The numbering decal which is printed on a better type of decal paper works well...George Dutka

The custom made decal offered locally a number of years ago is a really tough one to work with. The lower lettering was not too bad but the coloured lettering is very thick and once in the water rolls up into a sausage wrap. The decal set solutions I tried had very little effect on the decal at first. I began cutting the decal into smaller pieces right on the car and holding the pieces in place while flooding the area in decal set. Eventually some of the decal grabbed to the car. After about a week of the same routine this side looks not too bad from far back. I gave it a really heavy weathering job.
The second side of my air slide got a billboard logo made from a photocopy of the original decal.

Here we have my car resting on the prototype photo from a book Peter brought over the other day. There was only three cars in this particular fleet.


  1. George, you need to stop this love affaire with these great looking cars! They look fantastic, your decals, weathering and added details are providing a nice pool of cars. What would you suggest that I could use to weather up some black open hoppers I have?? Thanks!

  2. Hi Scott:
    Thanks, probably I would start with proto paint flat haze to dull it down than apply some acrylic rust along the top edges of the hoppers and around the lower hopper doors. Some light PanPastels after that. I covered my New Haven black hopper back in March but have done some other this past winter that maybe I should post the process I used...George

  3. Thanks George,
    Of all the the colors cars come in, I find black the hardest to work with for some reason. I need to get that flat haze paint!