Saturday, 9 June 2018

CP Waffleside Boxcars

Crossing the White River on the WRD.
I picked up two CP white waffle side boxcars this winter at one of our local train shows. The cars came from Chris Wright who is a New England modeler focusing in on the Brownsville area. One car had decals applied while the other appeared factory finished. I pulled them out for weathering during my Monday workshops with Peter Mumby. We each finished one car which was pretty simple. We needed a break after working on those Athearn airslides...George Dutka

The two CP waffleside boxcars before we began our workday back last winter.
Our models posing together for a photo shoot.
I added a bit more rust to my model. Some is applied around the roof edges and a bit more on the door and lower areas.
A close up look at my car. I went really light with my PanPastels.
Here we see Peter's model. He applied a bit of arylic rust colours to the roof before applying some PanPastels. Most of the photos we both have seen view these cars as cleaner looking. Peters car is now added to his CP fleet.
A last look at my car which is currently in service this summer on the WRD.

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