Friday, 8 June 2018

Plastic Water Tank Upgrade

The finished model. I applied some real chain to the water spout.
I got this model already built in a box of structures I purchased back in the winter. I don't plan on keeping it as it is more of a narrow gauge western theme structure. It gave me another structure to experiment with. I originally just applied PanPastels to the structure but I put some extra effort into it and plan to sell it at a fall show...George Dutka

This is how the model looked when I pulled it out of the box of structures.
Brick Mortar Formula is applied to the brick. The wooden supports are painted Floquil grime. The tank is sprayed black and will be weathered with PanPastels shortly.

First weathering job. Even though it looks pretty good the plastic chain looks really out of scale and will be replaced. I just used PanPastel when I first finished this structure.
The roof and tank is painted spray bomb black then coloured with PanPastels. The finial and roof ribs are painted Floquil Penn Central jade. The spout is painted silver and rusted up with rust acrylic paints and Bragdon powders. The wood bracing under the tank are painted Floquil grime. The window and door are coloured with Bragdon powder green. The brick base is left as is and the grout is Roberts brick mortar formula which is brushed on and wiped off as it drys. It drys fast so one needs to keep an eye on the walls.

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