Friday, 15 June 2018

Another Drop-in Structure Under Construction

Here is how my station looked when I purchased it last fall. The model is a City Classic kit which has been assembled pretty well.
My current structure project is a simple gas station I picked up at the fall Woodstock train show. It was in a vendor's dollar box. I recently ran across a neat looking rendition of the same model in an old MRP. The modeler completed the station as abandoned. I thought what a neat idea...maybe I can do something similar. A part two will follow once the model is completed...George Dutka

One can see many of the windows are boarded over. The pumps are gone but the sign remains.
The walls are brush painted white while the roof got a chalkboard paint black. Two stacks will be added made from small cuts from a plastic off brand Q-Tip. They are hollow and look good in HO scale.
The stacks are applied and some license plates are added to the roof. More trash will be added once the roof is installed. The station got some Floquil dark blue brushed on. The base is painted Floquil old concrete with some PanPastels applied. Since one door is open on this model (it was missing from the kit) I will model some trash and car parts inside the doorway. This means a floor has to be added. A scrap piece of styrene is glued in. Since I have some Sunoco signs, that is what I am using. The windows will be boarded up shortly.
Now that I am almost done with my abandoned Sunoco station I decided to look around the internet for photos of what they look like...thinking I might be building a second one in the future.

This closed Sunoco station appears to be a lot like the model I am working on.
Another Sunoco station that has seen better days in Breeden WV.
A long lost Sunoco station in Lacota, Michigan...note the station sign appears in better shape than the structure.


  1. Hi George,
    Nice article. Gas stations aren't modeled enough on layouts. I built a Sunoco station for the layout and have some custom raised "Sunoco" lettering if your interested. -Neil Schofield

  2. Hi Neil thanks...the station is actually finished but I am thinking of a second one as still in use...I might take you up on the offer in the future if I find a second station...George