Sunday, 24 June 2018

June 2018 - Update

I purchase a bag of toys at the Paris train show this winter. It was a pretty big bag including some Lego trucks, cars and other things my grandkids have taken home. I was surprised to also find at least a dozen HO scale vehicles mixed in...a couple were mini metals. Not bad for $10. Anyhow the middle one of this group of cheap vehicles has been weathered up to be parked next to my ex-Sunoco station...more on the others to come this summer.
This is the second post today as I am away in the morning with Peter Mumby to the Rapido BBQ and dealers open house. Posts as you may have noted are a bit inconsistent this month as I have been up at the lake a bit and with no internet, so no posts. A couple of double post days helps keep the post count up. Will see how it goes next month but I am thinking hit and miss most weeks. I do have a few Wordless Wednesdays laid out and a few posts from Peter to share. I am looking at covering a few structures I completed a few years back that have yet to make it into the blog. Guessing the next post might be an update from our Rapido visit...George Dutka

Now that summer is here some ice might be needed. This is an ice house kit I purchased built up a couple of years ago. I weathered and detailed the structure. The ice is actually parts of engine light lens. Peter thought it might look better with a few puddles under the ice so a bit of gloss coat is applied. Tichy makes ice blocks but at the time I could not get any.
This is the ExactRail car I won as a door prize at the 2017 RPM Copetown meet.

I decided to leave this tank car as a new addition to the contemporary fleet. I rusted up the wheels, trucks and couplers.
This was my $5 find awhile ago at our area train show. It had a lot of missing and broken details. Think I have most of it attached now. A bit of Bragdon powders helps with the final look.

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