Wednesday, 8 April 2020

A Farm Scene For The Green Mountain Division

A B&M freight passes through the cut in front of the new farm scene

 Filling A Corner With A Don Janes

     A while ago George posted some photos of a corn field on my layout that I had recently finished.  That field is part of a new farm scene I have been working on it for quite some time.  I can say now that I think the scene is near completion. I had a fairly large empty corner to fill on my layout and decided to create a farm scene since there are lots of farms in New England.  There is a scene a little further down the line that depicts a pasture and a farm in the distance represented by a photo of a barn behind the trees but this new scene is an actual farm yard. The farm is set on a higher piece of ground with the railway tracks running through a cut in front of the farm.  Behind the barn is an old wooden road bridge that helps bracket that end of the scene. Structures include a farm house, barn, garage, hen house, windmill and a small shed full of tools and supplies.  The background is a photo backdrop I got from SceniKing (now out of business) Actually it is just one photo I made copies of and glued to the wall. Although it is all the same photo I tried to vary the height and orientation to make it look different. Also, there will be trees in front of it here and there to break it up.

These two photos show the structures in place with just the basic ground cover in place. The white hen house is not the one used in the finished scene
The structures are from the following manufacturers.
Farm House, Silo, Hen House (laser wood kit, out of production) - Walthers
Barn - Sylvan Scale Models
Windmill - Woodland Scenics
Garage and small shed - Fine Scale Miniatures (from Crocker Bros. feed mill kit)
    Once the structures were set in place a basic coat of scenery was added.  I built up the scenery in layers as I went along, adding dirt for the driveway and farm yard, various ground covers for the greenery and static grass and then bushes.
     Not having any farm experience I am sure I have missed some details but can add them as I learn what else would be found around the farm yard.  So far I am happy with the way the scene is developing.
The overall scene shows the road leading to the farm, the corn field and farm buildings and the tracks going through the rock cut in front of the farm. The wooden bridge is the right hand side. The backdrop still need to be added beyond the barn and road.

This view is from the end of the bridge looking across the tracks to the farm. You can see the photo backdrop used for the tree line.
A closer look at the farm yard and structures. You can see where the paved county road ends and farm lane begins.

Here is a closer look at the hen house, barn and shed.
Two views of the farm house and garage
Another view of the B&M train passing the farm