Friday, 3 April 2020

Another Change at Bellows Falls

This small Walthers structure is not something one would have found in Bellows Falls but adds a lot of extra interest at the crossing. Although there is a lot of prototype buildings found in Bellows Falls, I am OK  adding what I like.
Back in February I spent a week working on the layout, mainly adding and changing structures. I already showed you Foster Milk station that I swapped out at the quarry site and a wide area in Bellows Falls yard. Today's view of a structure I added to the foreground near the freight house in Bellows Falls is a Walthers shed that I detailed at Trainfest 2018. I was not sure were it would be used at that time but for now it looks at home in this location...George Dutka

This scene did not take me long to put together. I placed a small piece of Gatorfoam were the building sits, contoured it with plaster and gave it a coat of earth coloured paint. Some sand, ground foam and details finished it up.
I set a boundary for this scene using a section of Bar Mills fencing.
An overall view of this end of Bellows Falls. The building behind the freight house was changed out shortly after taking this photo...I will show you it over the weekend.

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