Sunday, 5 April 2020

What's in the Box No. 41

The instructions and what one sees in the kit are pretty straight forward.
Another kit of the month offering which I built earlier this month is Foster's milk. All parts are included in this FOS kit. It was a nice build with no issues...George Dutka

The doors are all laser cut wood. I really like using the stencils included in many of the FOS kits. I keep them all together encase that are needed for another project.
The walls are glued and squared up. The platform had two cut outs that one needs for the build. The hole that is square, I put the piece back in place as the doors are open and a floor is needed in that area.
The finished model ready for the WRD layout. One thing the kit did not come with was ladders...they are needed to get up on the loading platform. I used RailroadKITS freebies handed out at a past Expo. The Bordens sign is a photocopy from a photo I took a couple of decades ago along the D&H. An old creamery had the sign leaning against the wall. I think it works out well on one wall.

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