Sunday, 23 February 2014

Adding a Billboard to the WRD

My finished billboard. I used the White Truck sign which was included with the billboard. 

 Blair Line Pole Style Billboard
I have a couple of locations that a billboard would work while adding some more interest to open areas. I purchased a kit recently that was a breeze to construct. Blair Line #2433 is a pole construction model. This prototype was used from the 1950's onward.

One short evening assembling the parts and a second painting and staining the billboard was all it took. Canopy glue was used to attach all the wood. The kit comes with both a vintage and modern grill. I used the vintage one. The structure got a coat of Hunterline light gray followed by a coat of Floquil white then grime while wet. The overhead lights are also painted white. Once dry the trim is painted RR tie brown. I used Bragdon lime white powder for some weathering. Walthers Goo is used to attach the billboard sign included with the kit and also to attach the sign to my layout. The kit includes six signs....George Dutka

All the pieces that are included in this kit are seen here.
The finished billboard is near the coal tower along the yards roadway.
An overhead view of the WRJ scene which includes my new Billboard. I plan on building one more to be used in Westboro.

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